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Atlanta Vending Pros offers Drink and Coffee Machines, Snack Machines and Cold Food machines to make your office a happier and more productive workplace!

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We have been a very satisfied customer of Vending Pros since July 2014. They have supplied us with coffee\supplies, snack machine and drink machine. All items are stocked on a bi-weekly basis and if we have any concerns, problems or excessive use, one phone call brings they out immediately. If we want to change things up, whether it be coffee we use or items in the machines, they offer up many choices of change. They don’t disrupt our business flow. They are always pleasant, quick and efficient. Highly recommend.

You made me a hero with my co-workers and my my boss!

(Pam K., Norcross GA)

I couldn't believe it when I visited your website and found we could have Starbucks coffee right in our breakroom! You made me a hero with my co-workers and my my boss! Thanks for making my job easy!

Drinks and snacks make for happy employees!

(Marcia, Smyrna GA)

We put a vending machine near our reception area and have found people are MUCH more agreeable when they have a drink and a snack available! ;-)

Thanks, Atlanta Vending Pros!

(Melanie, Lawrenceville GA)

We added a cold sandwich vending machine to our lunchroom because our busy executives don't like to leave the office for lunch. Now they can have whatever they want and they always say how good the sandwiches are! Thanks, Atlanta Vending Pros! Melanie, Lawrenceville GA

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healthy snacks

Healthy selections for vending snacks

There is nothing wrong with eating snacks. Some people think that snacks are strictly “for toddlers.” That’s just nonsense. That being said, there are some choices for snack foods that are healthier for you. Salty and sweet snacks are nice to enjoy from time to time, but maybe you’ve decided to try something different. Only

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unique vending machines

Oddities of the vending world

Unique vending machines around the globe   What is your first impression of the words “vending machine?” What kinds of treats do you imagine behind the glass? You might think of candy bars, pretzels, and potato chips. Those types of snack vending machines are the cornerstone of many offices, businesses, and schools. Actually, the kinds

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Vending machines in a cashless world

The only permanent thing is change. Unfortunately, change (as in metal coinage) is becoming obsolete, which can also be said of paper currency. For the moment, vending machines still accept dollar bills and change. Those of us who champion tradition can learn to appreciate and embrace new forms of payment as our world moves ever

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vending machine

Before getting vending machines…

If your company has a considerable number of employees, especially full-time ones, vending services can be quite useful. The operator often takes care of the maintenance on all vending machines, as well as keeping them well stocked. The kinds of snacks or drinks to be sold are your choice. To have vending machines installed in

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vending business

On the ancient origins of Vending Machines

There is more to the vending business than what is caught by the beholder’s eye. If you think that vending machines are strictly a modern concept, you might be mistaken. When do you suppose the first vending machines were utilized- the 1950’s? The start of the 20th Century perhaps? Actually, vending machines go back hundreds

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vending machine business

What’s happening in the vending world?

We live in an exciting time of new technological advances and new food products. The vending machine business is ever-changing. The vehicle giant Ford just recently built a car vending machine in Guangzhou, China. Customers use a smartphone and an app to either try out or even purchase a new car from an enormous vending

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vending needs

Atlanta Vending Pros Presents A Day In The Life Of Atlanta’s Leading Vending Service Owner

AVP: HERE FOR ALL YOUR VENDING NEEDS Almost 21 years ago when starting Atlanta Vending Pros I dreamed of building a business that provided a needed service for customers and doing that with the best product customer care and at a fair price. Along the way with the support of my family and great employees to help

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Atlanta Vending Pros

Atlanta Vending Pros Explains How The Vending Machine Industry Began

Atlanta Vending Pros serves the greater Metro Atlanta area. The company is growing and constantly improving our vending services. The vending service industry started long ago. The Greeks were not only known for mathematics but one of their own named Hero made a contraption to vend holy water in some Egyptian temples. This was around 215 BC. Later coins were used

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Atlanta Vending Pros vending machines

How hotels prosper from having vending machines

If you’ve stayed at a hotel recently, you may have noticed the addition of a small market pantry. Those can be convenient for guests, but a classic never goes out of style. Vending machines are a great way to provide snacks and drinks for hungry and thirsty people. If you are a hotel owner, you

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schools benefit from vending machines Atlanta Vending Pros

How schools benefit from vending machines

Do schools benefit from vending machines? Absolutely! Vending machines are a great way for schools to bring in extra money to fund projects, particularly if they are on a tight budget to begin with. Having snack and drink machines brings in more revenue for school districts everywhere. Of course, there are other clear benefits to

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Fresh vending machines

Healthy Vending Machines Create Happy Employees

This article is from Staples Business Hub Vending machines are a fixture in many workplaces, providing convenient access to snacks and beverages that stave off hunger and thirst throughout the day. However, many of the snacks offered can be unhealthy due to high salt and fat contents. Fresh vending machines offer a healthy alternative, offering

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Modern vending machines Atlanta Vending Pros

Modern vending machines: make your business thrive

MODERN VENDING MACHINES: UPGRADE YOUR BUSINESS! Modern vending machines could greatly enhance your office, garage, or warehouse. Snack and drink machines are far superior today than just a few years ago. Some brilliant advancements have occurred. Besides tech updates and the ability to pay in multiple ways, the selection of vending snacks has also expanded.

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healthy vending

Atlanta Vending Pros Describes How Vending Machine Choices Are Ever Changing

The workers in Atlanta, Georgia are changing their ideas about the type of snacks they eat at work. Healthy food is becoming more wanted and everyone is taking their health more seriously. Atlanta Vending Pros constantly wants to provide the kind of food that our customers desire. Healthy vending snacks are more readily available for consumers now, blazing new trends in

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